How To Create A Professional Social Media Presence

Branding Tips To Give Your Social Media A Professional Appearance & Grow Followers

The power of social media is real, especially nowadays! People are no longer using social networks solely for networking and reconnecting purposes. Social media has evolved into a platform where users can promote their businesses and sell items in the marketplace, create communities and groups, or even conduct their own investigation/ background check on a person or business.

Consider your social media presence to be your digital face card or resume, per se. Take FACEbook for instance where your name, location, and picture is shared with the world. Facebook reported having over 2.7 Billion user accounts in 2020 and remains the largest social network worldwide.

Imagine billions of people having access to your pages locally and internationally. Even employers have been known to use Facebook to search through current and prospective employees accounts. Which is why you should always consider putting forth your best "Face" and best content when using these platforms. Especially if you expect to be taken serious in business.

I recommend starting completely new pages for your business separate from your personal pages. Facebook allows you to create a page from your current personal account and you can still invite or share with your current audience. Below I attached a few tips that can help you brand your pages for professionalism.

1. Use Consistent Photos

You want to display a consistent image across all platforms. This means that you will need to use the same colors, fonts, banners, and images. If you are a new entrepreneur or need updated images I highly recommend scheduling a professional headshot photography session so you can get the ball rolling.

Professional headshots give viewers a more empowering visual so that they remember who you are, it can also help prospective clients establish trust in your brand. They also come in handy for press related materials like interviews, articles, or shoutouts.

A great headshot can deliver a message of power, professionalism and display personality. Use your headshot or logo for your profile picture to familiarize viewers with your brand. You will need to consult with a graphic designer to get a custom banner/header made to fit the websites dimensions. You can get a great one for less than $35 here on Fiverr. Your banner should consist of the name of your brand, social contact information, brief description, slogan or product info, website and a headshot or any relevant images.

Here is an example below:

2. Increase Visibility

Now that you've created your branded pages its time to start telling the world about it. Share your pages with friends, family members, groups and potential clients. You can also offer incentives for sharing your page or post. Grow your audience and follow other users from similar industries.

Most social sites can be integrated and also allow you to import or invite contacts. Take advantage of the free opportunity to cross promote on all platforms. Also be sure to add icons with links to all your social sites on all of your branded content to make it easier for users to find you.

Bonus Tip: Using the same social media handle for all sites help increase visibility across all platform. For example if you are @Chefbob on Instagram you should be @Chefbob on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc. If it is not available create a new one or something similar.

3. Create & Post Content Relevant To Your Industry

Share information and content relative to your industry. Yeah, save the funny cat memes for your personal page. Instead, post or repost news, helpful tips, blog post, promotions or ads related to your brand. If you want to do some creative marketing share those viral memes with a creative caption that draws clients to your page and increase interaction.

You can always create content by blogging about current events or things you learn or want to teach others. Then there is always the option of sharing other users content on your page or stories. This not only helps them but it can help you get more audience engagement. So it's a win win situation.

4. Organize & Schedule Your Post

So, you've created your content and you're ready to post it all, STOP! There is a formula to posting on social media. Due to many factors like algorithms and community guidelines you can easily get your content pushed to the back or even worst blocked for being too spammy.

It's is better to plan, create, and schedule content on particular days at different peak times to get the best response and get your content boosted to the front of the line, maybe even on the explore page. Research hashtags that relate to your business and the content you are posting. Save those hashtags in your notes until it's time to post.

Scheduling your post helps decrease your workflow and keep you on topic across all platforms. There are apps that you can use to automate your post so you won't have to ever have to worry about "What am I going to post today?".

I personally use apps like Planoly and Hootsuite to help me stay organized and on topic. They let me plan my content 15-30 days in advance so I can worry about other important task. They also allow users the ability to foresee their post before actually posting. Planoly is a big plus for those who like their instagram page to have a set themes, you can visualize and plan your squares then schedule what dates and times they automatically post.

Bonus Tip: You should experiment on your account and spend a week or so posting at least 3 post a day all at different peak hours. Monitor the analytics to see which post gets the most audience engagement and at what time. This will help you create the best posting schedule.

5. Save The Drama

Do not promote or post negativity on your professional accounts. Unless you are a gossip blogger or reality show personality, you do not want to draw negative attention to your business.

If you need to vent or release some steam it's best to have a personal page or private Twitter account where you can share away. But having tantrums on your business pages can potentially depreciate the value and respect of your brand.

Clapping back at clients or random people on your business page is a trend that should have never been glorified. It is a very tacky approach to handling situations and doesn't solve the problem. What ever happened to customer service and using effective communication to resolve issues? If effective communication do