Late Christmas Shopping List


If you are like me and did not make time out of your busy schedule to go shopping for the holidays...because I mean who has time for all those lines and disheveled stores; Then the whole leaving the mask humbug. NO THANK YOU!

But don't panic! I found a list of awesome items online that you can have shipped before Christmas or even one day later...and blame it on the post office. (shrugs)

This is one of the reasons I love Amazon prime so much! Having access to their same day or next day shipping is certainly needed in crunch times like this.

I added some of the best prices for some of the most popular items this year! Check them out below. There's something for everyone.

1. Amazon Fire Stick Lite

Who needs cable when you have a firestick? Save BIG with a Firestick Lite! Get the latest more compact model and start streaming your favorite shows today! Retail $29.99 get it here for $17.99

2. Apple Airpods w/ Charging Case

Get this great deal on a fresh pair of Apple Airpods & Charging Case

Retail $159.00 get it here for $124.99

3. Apple Ipad 32 GB (NEW Model)

Keep EVERYONE busy with the all new 32 GB Apple Ipad

Retail $329 get it here for $299

4. Sensyne Ring Light Cell Phone Tripod

[ The Perfect Gift ] for anyone getting into Youtube, Tutorials, Virtual Meetings, Unboxing, Reviews & Live streaming! Get this awesome Ring light, Tripod, Remote Control combo for only $38.99 get it here

5. Ring Video Doorbell

Give someone the gift of security with the Ring Video Doorbell! (One of my favorites, I have 4!) Perfect gift for parents, elderly family members and any that likes to protect their space! Retail $99.99 get it here for $79.99